About Us Ajji Ghanta

“Art gives the relaxation of Mind, We Want you to believe in it”

Ajji Ghanta (Since 2005) physically located in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh and founded by Mayur Sachdeva ( CEO  Emotion Graphix ) is an innovative online art platform for connecting arts and its enthusiasts.

In today’s Scenario, We not only focus on various aspects of arts such as visual arts, plastic arts, The graphic arts, but All new trends Social Media trends too.

We are influential believers in the transformational power of technology and powerful entity for artists, representatives, sellers, galleries, and resellers onto one and only strong online platform.

Our mission is to sustain and promote beginning artists side-by-side with toppers of their field and create a unique, advanced viewing experience that Significantly

“Art gives the relaxation of Mind, We Want you to believe in it”.

Explore our leading online store with irreplaceable Original artworks, affordable prints, fabulous, and our one-of-a-kind Art Collection. All purchases are dispatched free globally, so you can constantly enjoy thought-provoking art no matter where you are.

Make your online art-buying experience the best that it can be!….
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